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Explaining Discrimination Test Refunds to HCEs

Financial advisors on TV and financial publications in reputable papers and magazines consistently encourage people who participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan to contribute as much as possible. In many cases…

Safe Harbor Plan Status

You can’t just WISH yourself into SAFE HARBOR PLAN status

Much like people who make a wish to be fit with the turkey wishbone after a Thanksgiving feast, many plan sponsors think that their INTENT to be a safe harbor plan is a sufficient defense when they have not met the requirements to be a safe harbor plan.

401k Audit Delaware

2014 Plan Limits

The 2014 plan limits were just released. Included in this blog is a chart that outlines the recently announced cost-of-living adjustments affecting retirement plans.

Making the Other Half Whole

When entering into a relationship such as marriage, there are immediate changes in one’s life. One of those is, of course, the requirement to consent.

What the Heck is a QNEC?

You may have asked yourself the title question after hearing ‘QNEC’ or ‘QMAC’ in a discussion related to ADP/ACP testing.

What Statute of Limitations?

Many of our retirement plan clients who receive a letter from the IRS indicating their plan is the lucky winner of the “You’ve Been Selected” contest […]