EPCRS: Participant Loan Corrections

EPCRS: Participant Loan Corrections

As mentioned in my previous blog, EPCRS: How to Correct Improper Exclusions of Employees from a 401(k) Plan, the IRS implemented and recently revised the Employer Plan Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS),

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Never Too Early for New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, right around December 31st (and closer to January 1!), we sit down and start to draft up resolutions for the upcoming new year. Whether it’s aiming for a healthier life style, setting aside for targets at work, or perhaps being more fiscally responsible, it’s important to not only make these goals, but to have a plan in place for accomplishing them as well.

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Push it to the Limit (for 2015!)

Corbin Blue may not have been targeting plan participants as his audience when he told us to “push it the limit”, but what would those limits be if he was? Well we know what they are for 2015 thanks to a recent IRS announcement.

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The Basics of Partial Plan Terminations

When employer-initiated personnel reductions occur and it reduces the number of plan participants by 20% or more, a partial termination of a qualified plan is deemed to have occurred.

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Advanced Limited Scope Audit Issues

Plans that obtain a valid limited scope certification for the completeness and accuracy of investment information from a regulated financial institution such as a bank, trust company, or insurance company, can instruct their auditors to exclude investment information from the scope of their audit.

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Explaining Discrimination Test Refunds to HCEs

Financial advisors on TV and financial publications in reputable papers and magazines consistently encourage people who participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan to contribute as much as possible. In many cases…